Saturday, June 22, 2019

Mirror, Mirror...?

by Dodie Meister

Just a note, this book has some foul language so if you don't like that, than this book isn't for me. As for me I personally loved the book, it had some definitely hilarious moments and some shocking moments, there is a couple spots that can make your jaw drop.

Mildred, or Milly for short, looks in a mirror and start pointing out all the flaws she believes that she has. After she is done her self-criticizing, she makes a joke about not being the fairest but help her change. When nothing answers she feels a type of defeat and asks her electronic Alexa for the temperature. When Alexa responds with a quip, which isn't normal Milly notices that Alexa's light is an orange color instead of its normal coloring.

Throughout the book, Alexa makes changes and influences Milly's life, some things she hates, some she enjoys, but overall, Alexa is trying to do good for Milly.

This is a great book with a nice twist at the end you wont see coming. I loved this book, even read it with someone and he loved it too. Had him laughing at all the same parts I was laughing at.

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


Milly’s middle-aged—divorced with a maturing body. Mentally, she feels all washed up and cast into a Goodwill pile. That is until modern day technology magically intervenes. See what happens as this funny fairytale progresses in the quest for self-acceptance and a second chance at finding prince charming.

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