Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Secret Magic (Evie Everyday Witch Book 1)

Written by:Elena Paige

So right off the bat, the reason I chose to read and review this book is because of the cover. It reminded me of the show I used to watch a long while ago, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (yes there is a more darker version on Netflix that I also have watched and loved, and hope for another season soon). But yea the teenager has blonde hair, has a black cat, and just the vibe it gave off seemed interesting enough to check it out.

Book starts out well, describes the current situation of Evie Everyday (have to say that last name selection was very weird to me) and it tells what she wants to do, but hasn't been able to. The story starts when she is in 5th grade but it doesn't give a lot of details there, it is when she goes to the 6th grade and starts her new school that it starts. The girls cat name....is just what a child might name one lol. The name Evie comes up with for "normal people" kind of seems weird, but is a different word that children could laugh at and agree.

Every few pages had a cute small design that was interesting to see. I think many children would enjoy seeing them.

It's a cute story line that I think children would enjoy (personally I think it will appeal more to the girls than the boys, but then again, some boy aren't all into the same things)

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Can this everyday witch convince everyone she's a normal everyday girl?

Funny magical adventure series perfect for kids ages 7 and up.

My name is Evie Everyday and I’m a witch. But all I’ve ever wanted is to be a Lamron. That’s the word normal spelled backward. Anyways, now I have the chance to go to a regular school and be a regular girl I’ll do whatever it takes to fit in.

Fitting in is easy. All I have to do is:

- Keep my magic a secret

- Swap my favorite colorful clothes for boring black ones

- Suck up to scary Mrs. Rogers, the school principal

- Keep my pet cat, bat and corncob from causing any trouble

- And stay away from Izzy. She’s all colorful and funny and awesome…. and not helpful for fitting in.

But when everything starts to go wrong, there’s only one way to save my new school... use magic. And only one person who can help me... Izzy!

Evie Everyday Witch is a series of chapter books that kids and parents will love. Ideal for reluctant readers. Evie's quirky, funny personality will sweep kids off their feet, and get them reading again!

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