Thursday, August 1, 2019

Taishan Gardens

214 Front St, Trenton, ON K8V 4N9

Came to Taishan for supper hour. Was 2 people doing tables. Took 2 minutes seating time. Was only one family of 4 in restaurant at the time of seating and one couple leaving. Got a selection of random foods. Chicken wings, rice, noodles, spare ribs, all tasted good. Service was horrible. The guy who served our drinks never came back to refill a water even after once clearing a dirty dish from table. 

Heard the waitress and waiter in a convo and the guy didn’t even know what tables were his and which were hers. 

I have went there multiple times and this seems to be how it goes. They tell you to sit anywhere. They wait till you go get food. They ask what you want to drink. Bring it to you. Then your lucky if they come back once or twice to remove dishes. Only way they give you a water refill seems to be to get their attention and ask for it. 

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