Monday, November 18, 2013

At the Library/House of Night series

I am very bored today. My daughter decided to go to the library with her friend T.J. We are sitting at the computers right now.

I couldn't find a book to read today, nothing really popped out at me. Feel free to leave suggestions, I love all kinds of Fiction type books.

I tried to print some coupons I have been wanting to get, but the library computers need Java and they wont download it right now. They said I will have to try back a different day or something, which kind of stinks.

This Sunday is the Santa Claus parade, which hopefully it will not be too cold for, or raining.

There is now an hour left until the library closes, and I am still not sure what to read tonight. Maybe I will start the third book in the Wicked lovely books, I read the second one a couple days ago and it was just as enticing as the first, but the library doesn't have it. I do have an app on my cell which has the whole series, so I will still be able to read it, thank goodness.

TJ now has the hiccups (again) and this time in the library lol. He is a very loud hiccupper, and it is echoing in here.

I have read a little over half of the House of night books and cannot remember where I left off, and it seems pretty daunting to go back over each of the books. I love each of them, they are filled with exciting pages of reading. It has been a while since I have read these, but I will go back and read each and every one of them again, because re-reading them is almost like saying hello to an old friend you just barely remember.

I loved how the first one had started, it really draws you into the book. How she didn't feel too good and the guy who was at her locker and she thought he had to have made a mistake with who he was looking for.

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