Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random & I hate being sick!!!!!!!

Cassie had Tanner over today. They watched some T.V and Fred videos. She stuck her sock in his face, he asked to smell it again and said it didn`t stink, at least not as bad as he has smelled before with others. Watched other random things on Cassie`s computer. She let Tanner use it to watch videos he wanted for a while, and she played on her Nintendo DSi XL. He left to go home.

So TJ had came here a few days ago saying he had a cough. He tried and is still trying to say it is our place, but i know it is only cause he has a cold, since he gave it to me, and now I am sick! I have been sick for a couple days now. I always get different symptoms than those who give it to me, almost like my body hates me and wants me sicker than the one who gives it to me.

TJ has 2 dogs (like we do), and 1 cat (we have 3, but they are never in the same room at once). SO I know it is not an allergy as well, which is the only other thing that could make someone `cough` for environmental reasons inside an apartments, since we don`t smoke.

Right now I cannot smell or taste anything, which is sad, cause I love tasting foods I am eating. Stupid FLU!!!! This always happens when I get the flu or pneumonia. I hope it is gone tomorrow, we are having a PPV with guests over, and lots of treats to eat.

I wish I had a thermometer so I can find out what my temperature is, cause I almost always run a really high fever and need to cool down in a cold bath within the first week. I lost mine recently and don`t get money until Wednesday. Usually goes to 103, but I never feel like it is that high, which is why I always have to watch it. When I hit 101 on temperature it always continues to climb until I take a cold bath, no use of Advil of Tylenol by themselves get it down.......wish me luck and hopefully I don`t hit the dreaded temperature that kills.

Cassie`s rat, Ares, passed on today as well, I think it was old age, but it could also be neglect from her. I usually had to remind her to check his water, and give him attention, which she didn`t really do unless there was a friend over. I nursed him yesterday for 4 hours, and she came one once and held him to take a picture, which I didnt think was right so i took him back. He lasted overnight, but passed on later today. I couldn`t really get him to eat or drink.

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