Friday, November 29, 2013

Goodbye Prince Charles

I already typed all this and lost it, so now trying to remember what all I wrote about lmao.

Took Cassie to Prince Charles, to pay for her chocolate and return her library books. We got permission to say goodbye to her friends. She got smothered to death by all her friends. A few of them got quite emotional saying goodbye to Cassie.

Took Cassie to Foundations, she stayed about 45 minutes and wanted to go home. I took her to Tim Hortons and we tried out the candy cane hot chocolate, it was delicious.

I so wonder if any of Cassie's friends will come over this weekend, I doubt it since most seem to busy with other things, people, each other, etc, but one can hope.

I dyes the tips of Cassie's hair, and also dyed my whole hair (mine is different than hers of course.

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