Monday, November 25, 2013

Witches of East End

This cold/flu/phnumonia (whatever it is I have) is knocking me on my bum. I can't sit or stand for a long period of time or my asthma works up really badly and I can't breathe well, it feels like someone is sitting on my chest weighing me down.

So anyways since I have had to stay laying down I finally caught up on all my Witches of East End, that I had PVRed on our box. It is a really neat show about witches. The mom, sister, 2 daughters are cursed and have a shape shifter after them. It is very interesting, I have always liked shows/movies about paranormal people/creatures.

I have found out some great news. The Witches of East End have been picked up for a second season by the Lifetime network.

#'s_Name of Episode_____________Release_Date_________
_1._Pilot______________________October 6, 2013
_2._Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P.____October 13, 2013
_3._Today I Am a Witch_________October 20, 2013
_4._A Few Good Talismen________October 27, 2013
_5._Electric Avenue____________November 3, 2013
_6._Potentia Noctis____________November 10, 2013
_7._Unburied___________________November 17, 2013
_8._Snake Eyes_________________November 24, 2013
_9._A Parching Imbued__________December 1, 2013
10._Oh, What a World!__________December 15, 2013

Centers on the adventures of a mother and her two adult daughters, both of whom unknowingly are their family's next generation of witches, who lead seemingly quiet, uneventful modern day lives in Long Island's secluded seaside town of North Hampton. When one of the daughters becomes engaged to a young, wealthy newcomer, a series of events forces her mother to admit to her daughters they are, in fact, powerful and immortal witches.
- Written by Lifetime

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