Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daughter has a Thief 4 a friend

Got all my stuff back today that was on loan. I am so happy, some of these things I have been really missing, like my camcorder and such. Bought a few things for the Wrestling PPV on Sunday. My husband wanted to watch it, so we invited others over, we are charging $10. per person because not only do they get to watch the PPV on a 52 inch T.V. We supply lots of snacks, and pop.

I gave away 3 boxes of groceries, plus 3 bags of treats for the guy's three boys.

Daughter is going to a youth group today. She gets bored there easily though usually. She was going to guitar lessons, but gave up on those.

One of her friends (Brandon) tried to steal 2 of my DS games, but he failed. One had dropped in our house right by where he grabbed them from and the other dropped in the hallway of our building and it was returned to me by our neighbor. Though he doesn't realize it, I had known they were missing the moment they were and was already looking for it, because they were on the couch cushion where he was sitting. He is no longer welcome in my home, as I do not stand for things like that going on!

She didn't last there very long. Came home and messed around for a while. Had some spaghetti, an Oreo brownie, and frozen lemonade.

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